The DNA Of An Entelectual

What we look for in potential team members

  • Are you a craftsperson who relishes the opportunity of working with autonomy?
  • Do you understand that you are empowered to influence change and are always open to considering new ways of doing things?
  • Do you ensure that everything you do is of the highest quality - driving excellence through collaboration and knowledge-sharing so that you can reach your potential and help others to do the same?
  • Do you understand that with autonomy, comes accountability that can bring great opportunity?


Entelectuals are smart, friendly, willing to help and want to build something great. Our goal is to ensure that both ourselves and our customers, as well as Entelect as a whole, continue to reach new heights.

We love working with people who are passionate about technology and solutions. When it comes to bringing in new folk, we value passion for technology and solutions, smarts and culture-fit. We want go-getters who are solutions-focused, know how to get things done and are up for a challenge.

People are the most important aspect of our business, so adding the right people the the team and helping them grow is top priority. The moment we compromise on our hiring principles is the moment decades of work unravels. Knowing this, it’s not a leap of the imagination to figure out that finding excellent people to join the team is always a priority.

Growth won't make us compromise on hiring the best. While we’re growing rapidly, we won't let that get in the way of finding the best people. We want to maintain our values, culture, and the small company feel we’re known for. We're passionate about building something great and believe that it's possible to have a large consulting company that's still close-knit with a fantastic tech culture. We encourage and expect every Entelectual to join us in upholding this culture. May the force be with you!