Senior Data Solutions Engineer


Join our team at Entelect as a Data Solutions Engineer, where your thorough understanding of best practice business intelligence implementations will be crucial in driving business forward. You have a passion for data and how it flows from source all the way through to actionable insights. You strive to continuously grow your technical skill set as well as knowledge on what methodologies to appropriately apply to any environment. You work with multiple business units and understand how they impact each other. With this knowledge, you can provide a platform for business to pull the relevant levers to enable and affirm their strategic insights. You use your excellent communication skills and data analysis smarts to translate between business’s awesome ideas and making them a reality. You will be part of a community of highly skilled professionals, all dedicated to innovation and excellence. This is your chance to elevate your career and make a significant impact in a dynamic environment.



  • Wrangling (big) data from multiple sources into a reliable asset that is aimed at evolution instead of maintaining a status quo
  • Working together with our best-of-breed Solution Architects to design and implement state-of-the-art cloud, hybrid and on-prem solutions
  • Designing and implementing the best possible data pipelines for each data source and data store, as well as delivering impactful advanced analytics using ML, AI, cognitive services, and data science
  • Working along the full spectrum of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Familiarising yourself with ML algorithms and AI approaches like clustering, regression, classification, speech recognition, OpenAI, LLMs, vision, search, and translator
  • Understanding DataOps and MLOps approaches to ensure our solutions will continuously be deployed in short delivery cycles with maximum business impact and the highest quality standards possible
  • Ensuring data lineage and all metadata is maintained effectively
  • Designing and developing the sexiest possible dashboards for business
  • Using your combination of technical and data analytics expertise to improve existing or proposed business innovations


  • Working with multi-skilled teams that contain experts from neighboring crafts like Software Engineering, User Experience and Quality Assurance
  • Demonstrating maturity and soft skills like time management and motivation
  • Influencing change within your team
  • Building relationships and collaborating within your team
  • Working with teams to solve complex business problems, and make an impact, while pushing yourself and others to become more
  • Coordinating with teams to meet quality standards and timelines
  • Mentoring and growing others
  • Holding others accountable to a standard of excellence
  • Galvanising team members


  • Being pragmatic in making the best technological choices for the customer’s needs
  • Identify opportunities for service improvements and strategic alignment
  • Providing insights to business owners to validate their ideas and guide them to make the most informed decisions possible with the most desirable outcome
  • Being prudent when it comes to data governance. We want to ensure that our customers can fully trust the data assets that we build out for them
  • Flexing your story-telling muscle when assembling the presentation layer for business owners



  • A bachelor’s degree in IT, Engineering or other Sciences
  • Minimum 6 years of experience working as a data solutions engineer within an enterprise environment
  • Experience working in a delivery team together with other disciplines to deliver a product
  • Strong ability to model and analyse data
  • Solid understanding of data engineering methodologies
  • Good understanding of visualisation best practices
  • A desire to design and implement modern advanced analytics solutions and modern data warehousing solutions
  • Strong attention to detail but viewed from a ‘bigger picture’ perspective
  • To collaborate and bring your unique contributions to a team environment
  • An ambition to continually improve your skills, embrace challenges and be driven by excellence



  • A competitive package, twice yearly salary increases and guaranteed bonuses
  • Medical aid, provident fund and insurance benefits with competitively low premiums
  • Access to our employee wellness programme, with professional support resources for all aspects of wellness
  • Inclusion in our Entelect Rewards programme, where you’ll receive rewards for attending training events, social functions or for doing a good job
  • Commission incentives for successful business development leads and employee referrals
  • Hands-on support from leadership
  • Exposure to popular enterprise technologies and large-scale projects
  • Exposure to Entelect’s in-house continuous development programmes, offering training in everything from leadership to deep technical skills
  • Continuous feedback and biannual performance reviews



  • Cloud environments: Azure, AWS, Google
  • Front-end tech: Power BI, Microsoft Fabric, Amazon Quicksight, Google Data Studio, Grafana
  • Languages: SQL, Python, Scala
  • Data processing: Azure Data Factory, Amazon Glue, Apache Airflow, Databricks, Spark SQL
  • Relational databases: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS
  • NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cosmos DB, DynamoDB, Neo4j
  • Streaming: Azure Stream Analytics, Kafka, Databricks streaming, Spark streaming, Google Dataflow, Amazon Kinesis
  • ML Platforms: Azure Machine Learning, Databricks ML, Amazon Sagemaker, Dataiku
  • AI: Azure OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Services, AWS Cognitive Services, Google Cognitive Services