Entelect’s Retrospectives 2018

Here at Entelect, we have a vision – to build something great!

We do this by driving a culture of growth, relationships and a never-ending will to deliver value to our clients. This year has been a record year for us where many new initiatives have been undertaken. These have been crucial to our continued growth and vital in pushing us towards our goal – to be a prominent, multi-national end-to-end technology services and solutions provider. Through these, we have been able to transfer our philosophy, our core values and culture across new areas within the spectrum of the IT industry as well as new locations around the globe.

To be able to reflect on an entire year across all divisions and departments in a company of close to 500, is truly a unique opportunity. In our Retrospective, I get to stop and look back at the year and see what we have all achieved. It is one of those rare moments that I get to pause, from helping to run an ever-growing organisation and reflect on all those things that have transpired. It is at this exact moment that I am overwhelmed with pride. 2018 has been a year where I have seen people grow, empower themselves and those around them. They have achieved their goals in their career and exceeded their own expectations.

Yes, we are a technology company and there has been a diverse range of advancements in our technical knowledge, but this is not the only area in which I have seen growth, and this excites me! Each year we welcome a cohort of 45 top graduates around Africa. In general, these individuals arrive at Entelect, and are a little nervous about what career they are about to be launched into. I have had the privilege to watch many of these graduates from a few years back grow into true professionals, who are confident in their skill set, are capable of driving large teams to successful deliveries, are ready to drop everything to grow the people around them, and assist others that are going through a similar time in their career that they did.

I have seen individuals show incredible bravery in stepping out of their comfort zones. Whether this has been taking some hard feedback on the chin and finding a way to do something about it or getting into a bigger project than they have ever worked on before (and they have made an absolute success of it). I have witnessed people step into leadership roles and take responsibility for growing the people around them as well as people moving into new environments and influencing positive change - as if doing this was a part of their normal day.

At the end of 2018, I cannot be more proud to be working alongside the passionate professionals that have chosen to be part of our journey. In sharing our passion of making IT better than it has ever been. In believing that we are a company that proves that software development is not synonymous with non-delivery. In helping us prove that it is possible to have a great culture without sacrificing delivery and customer satisfaction. In adopting that we can be both successful and do good for people.

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