The Introvert's Guide to Joining a New Dev Team

5 Simple Tips

Joining a new team of strangers can be challenging for introverts. Here are some strategies to help navigate the process if you’re new, or to help your new teammate to settle in.

1 | You're Probably Not the Only One

It’s completely normal to feel anxious in a new social or work environment. It’s likely there are other team members who share that feeling. Don’t put pressure on yourself to become known to everyone immediately.

2 | Prepare in Advance

Before joining the team, research and familiarise yourself with the project, technologies, and processes involved. This will boost your confidence.

3 | Start with One-on-One Interactions

Initiate one-on-one interactions (such as over an informal coffee) with your new teammates rather than jumping into group settings. This allows you to build rapport more comfortably.

4 | Embrace Your Strengths

Knowing and acknowledging what you are good at also gives you confidence. If the team is talking about something you are knowledgeable about (and they will), then add to the conversation.

5 | Ask Questions and Actively Listen

Ask open-ended questions about the project, tech stack, domain, processes and the people themselves. People enjoy talking about themselves and their work, so let them!


Your unique strengths and perspectives are valuable assets that can contribute to the team's success!

And remember, if you are part of a team welcoming a new person, use these five ideas to make their landing more comfortable.