User Experience Engineers

At Entelect we design and architect products that give value, are simple to use, easy to navigate and enjoyable - these are the key factors in the success of any digital product.

To do this successfully, we require talented user experience engineers (UXEs). A UXE has various roles and responsibilities at Entelect, and because of that, we require some core competencies.


Job Description

We are looking for a UXE that is able to assess and consolidate business requirements, technical landscape and user needs within a given project into a solid UX solution. The UXE will be responsible for planning and conducting stakeholder interviews, user research and usability studies. All findings will need to be reported on, analysed and presented to inform a solution that caters to both stakeholders and users.

The UXE is also expected to execute their vision through the design of personas, scenarios, sitemaps, user flows, customer journey maps, wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes. In addition, the UXE needs to understand that software development is an iterative process and as such, will need to ensure the user experience of a product or service is sustained and adapted to changing user needs and technologies.

  • Implement design thinking through all its stages from empathy to implementation; employing a user-centred design approach, rapidly testing and iterating on designs.
  • Conduct usability studies such as card sorting, system usability scale (SUS) and heuristic evaluation, as well as other forms of user testing (as required) to uncover key usability flaws.
  • Engage in contextual enquiries and ethnographic studies, while being able to analyse existing customer or user data.
  • Employ an overall UX strategy, to align all user touchpoints with an informed vision for an overall user experience.
  • Design solid information architecture (IA), to organise potentially complex information in an understandable and accessible manner.
  • Create solutions that follow design principles and Gestalt, with the awareness that people consume information according to visual laws.
  • Employ a UX maturity model to judge the growth of competencies and understanding of UX, with the intention to grow UX within a business.
  • Create and maintain a style guide, with useful components to be disseminated around a development team for front end development (FED).
  • Work alongside software engineers (SEs) and business analysts (BAs), in an Agile workflow and integrate with existing ways of working and technology.
  • Advocate for UX, to further grow Entelect’s UX capabilities including setting up test centres and research methods.
  • Be able to use set up and measure UX KPIs, to judge the efficacy of work done on any given project.
  • Have a working knowledge of digital platforms and services, including intranets, apps, software and websites.
  • Use design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch to design a user interface (UI) and UI components.
  • Understand that UX is part of a larger process that involves various touchpoints in a business or team.
  • Be able to integrate with other disciplines and guide the product development process from a user-centred perspective and increase overall understanding of UX.
  • Be able to conduct UX training and talks both internally and externally, with which to increase knowledge and status of UX within Entelect.

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