Software Engineering Graduates for January 2025


Every year we take on some of South Africa’s brightest university graduates, who join us with a mix of engineering, science and commerce degrees. Our Graduates, when joining us participate in an ongoing training programme, structured to accelerate their careers.

Some of our Senior Managers, Team Leads, Tech Leads and Solutions Architects joined Entelect as Graduates – so the idea of taking in graduates is at the very core of who we are and what we believe in.



Don’t worry, it’s not physical, we have plenty of that in the social clubs that we offer our people! Boot Camp takes place in January each year. It’s designed to immerse Software Engineering, User Experience Engineering, Data Solution Engineering and Business Analyst graduates into real-world software development. By the time you have moved through the 10-week programme, you would have been exposed to several languages and cutting-edge frameworks, which are actively being used in the industry. We recently interviewed our previous graduates who experienced Boot Camp and these videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel or on the Entelect Graduate Programme page under the roles we offer section.


Training, learning and mentorship are part of our DNA. We incorporate learning into every aspect of the job, by working alongside some of South Africa’s best talent – people who are dedicated to learning from and teaching each other continuously.

Outside of the day-to-day work, our extensive range of learning programmes are structured to help our engineers grow; this could be anything from an in-depth course on Java Spring, which would be covered over several days, to a teaser on the latest Single Page JavaScript Framework, covered in an hour, over pizza and beer.

We have structured the training to cater for different learning styles. There are options for self-study training, group-based training, formal and informal learning, and if there isn’t anything suitable for you, then we encourage you to find what works and we will look at sponsoring it.



  • BSc, BEng, BCom, BIS, BCompt, Honours or Masters degree from one of the mainstream universities.
  • In your final year of your IT or Computer Sciences degree.
  • Only open to South African graduates or graduates who already have a work permit to work in South Africa.
  • Please note: if you do not meet these non-negotiable requirements your application will automatically be declined.


  • Academic results in the upper 60’s and above.
  • Good verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Strong attention to detail but viewed from a ‘bigger picture’ perspective.
  • Solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals.
  • A hunger to continually improve by constantly evolving and adapting your skills.
  • A desire to embrace a challenge and be driven by excellence.
  • A passion to build strong relationships and a great career.
  • A friendly outlook.

Due to the sensitivity of the data and systems we work with, we will require you to undergo a Credit and Criminal check should we proceed to the offer stage.


What would a company be without a few collectables to make the game a little more interesting?

  • The opportunity to work side by side with some of the best software engineers in the country.
  • Exposure to the latest technologies and cool projects.
  • Performance-based salary increases twice a year, as well as an annual performance-based bonus to assist you in achieving your career goals.
  • Exposure to Entelect’s in-house continuous development programmes, offering training on everything from leadership to deep technical skills, to empower you to become more.
  • Participation in our “1Up” rewards programme/Kudos, where you’ll receive rewards for doing cool things, like attending training events, social functions and living our values.
  • For those with innovative aspirations, participation in our Tech Accelerator Programme is a must. We allocate time, budget and face-to-face time with our Tech Leads during the year towards your idea, and best of all the IP of the project remains yours.

Sound good? Then please submit CV and transcripts