Data Solutions Samurais wanted

Become more at Entelect, one of SA’s leading software engineering and solutions companies, voted the Best Company to Work For.

When you join Entelect, you’re not just joining a leading software development company, you become part of something bigger. You become part of a team of ambitious, confident, motivated and smart people, who will inspire you to go further, to do more than you thought possible.

You become part of a company that sees potential: potential in our clients, potential in our products and potential in you. Because we believe that if we give you everything you need to be successful, you will be, and you will become more and do great things.

Entelect Data Solutions Engineer

As an Entelect Data Solutions Engineer, you’re always inquisitive. You have a thorough understanding of best practice business intelligence implementations. You have a passion for data and how it flows from source all the way through to actionable insights. You strive to continuously grow your technical skill-set as well as knowledge on what methodologies to appropriately apply to any environment. You work with multiple business units and understand how they impact each other. With this knowledge, you have the ability to provide a platform for business to pull the relevant levers to enable and affirm their strategic insights. You use your excellent communication skills and data analysis smarts to translate between business’s awesome ideas and making them a reality.

Your elevator pitch – what you’ll tell people you do

“I work with the best minds in the industry to solve complex business problems for our clients. I consolidate, analyse and provide actionable insights to the client to ensure they gain maximum visibility on their business and can execute on strategic ideas backed by data.”

 What you’ll actually be doing
  • Joining a company with over 2 decades’ experience in bringing business ideas to life through the use of technology; a company known for hiring, continuously growing and retaining the best people in the industry.
  • Working with teams with a common goal: to solve complex business problems, to drive excellence and to make an impact, while pushing yourself and others to become more.
  • You will be an integral part of multi-skilled teams that contain experts from neighbouring crafts like Software Engineering, User Experience and Quality Assurance.
  • Using your combination of technical and data analytics expertise to improve existing or proposed business innovations.
  • Providing insights to business owners to validate their ideas and guide them to make the most informed decisions possible with the most desirable outcome.
  • Having loads of fun.
How you’ll do this
  • By wrangling (big) data from multiple sources into a reliable asset that is aimed at evolution instead of maintaining a status quo.
  • By working together with our best-of-breed solution architects to design and implement state-of-the-art cloud, hybrid and on-prem solutions.
  • By designing and implementing the best possible data pipelines for each data source and data store, as well as delivering impactful advanced analytics using ML, AI, cognitive services and data science.
  • By working along the full spectrum of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • By being familiar with algorithms and approaches like clustering, regression, classification, neural networks, unsupervised learning and deep learning.
  • By understanding DataOps and MLOps approaches to ensure our solutions will continuously be deployed in short delivery cycles with maximum business impact and the highest quality standards possible.
  • By being pragmatic in making the best technology choices for the client’s needs.
  • By being prudent when it comes to data governance. We like to ensure that our clients can fully trust the data assets that we build out for them.
  • By ensuring data lineage and all metadata is maintained effectively.
  • By flexing your story-telling muscle when assembling the presentation layer for business owners.
  • By designing and developing the sexiest possible dashboards for business.
  • By understanding the business, the market and the technology to design and implement the blueprint for innovation.
  • By pushing the limits, asking the questions and challenging preconceived notions of what’s possible. Because, at Entelect, we believe everything is possible.
  • By having access to everything you need to learn and become the best at what you do: the facilities, resources and autonomy you need to become more.
What we’ve worked on lately

At Entelect, we’re working on more than 150 projects at any given time. Here are some to whet your appetite:

  • Consolidation of over 50 data sources to provide a single view of a customer, stored within a best practice architected data warehouse.
  • Implemented a cash handling optimization algorithm that resulted in the client saving millions on cash in transit and cash holding costs.
  • Implemented a data lake to enable a single view of the customer as well as more effective analytics.
  • Developed a real-time behavioral analytics environment and data workflow using Kafka, Storm, Spark, Phoenix and HBase on large volumes of data for spend analysis.
  • Building loyalty platforms designed to drive consumer behaviour and help improve the health and wellness of South Africans.
  • Designing and developing high-performance web applications that enable multinational organisations to track risks, including fraud and white-collar crime, across the globe, in real-time.
  • Developing software for a surgical skill simulation portal that measures surgical skill proficiency; enabling trainee surgeons to practice, track and measure their skills remotely.
  • Imagining, designing and implementing an Android app for an agricultural company to help agronomists and sales agents share valuable data in real-time; optimising smart agriculture solutions in an industry that is highly susceptible to minor fluctuations in conditions.
  • Helping one of South Africa’s largest vehicle fleet management companies accurately price project costs for hundreds of specialised vehicles, down to the cents per kilometre, to provide more competitive products to consumers.
  • Developing reliable processes, visual dashboards and tracking tools to monitor the delivery of schoolbooks across South Africa.
  • Learning and implementing complex tax and duty tracking tools that enable the world’s largest commodity traders to operate in multiple markets.
What your typical day could look like

You arrive at the office and grab your favourite cup of coffee. You high five your colleagues, who are busy discussing the social meet-up that’s happening tonight. You make a mental note to let your partner know that you’ll be out for dinner. That’s on us.

You run through your emails, plan your day and prioritise. You join stand up for your Scrum team and bring your expertise to the table and assist in coming up with creative solutions to any technical problems that are present.

You head into a customer brainstorming session, where you discuss their ideas and bring your knowledge of global trends to the table, gained through the Entelect knowledge sharing sessions, to find the best insights for the team to produce.

Before grabbing lunch, you get side-tracked by a debate taking place in another squad regarding how to extract a certain set of data. You add your two cents, which proves to be super valuable and changes the direction of their project. More high fives and back pats. Good job!

You spend the next few hours building ETL’s/ELT’s, conforming data to enable a single version of the truth, analysing the data, and searching for insights to present back to business. Satisfied that you have added value to the client, you stop by the bar for a drink with your colleagues while deciding whether to stay for tonight’s social club or head straight home.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be too.

Technologies you could be working with
  • Cloud Platforms such as Azure, AWS and GCE
  • SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS
  • PowerBI
  • Qlikview
  • R
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Kafka
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
What we need from you
  • A bachelor’s degree in IT or Sciences.
  • Previous experience in a data solutions related discipline.
  • A desire to design and implement modern advanced analytics solutions and modern data warehousing solutions
  • Strong ability to model and analyse data.
  • Solid understanding of ETL methodologies.
  • Good understanding of visualization best practices.
  • Strong attention to detail but viewed from a ‘bigger picture’ perspective.
  • A hunger to continually improve by constantly evolving and adapting your skills.
  • A desire to embrace a challenge and be driven by excellence.
  • The ability to collaborate and bring your unique contributions to a team environment.
  • A passion to build strong relationships and a great career.
  • A friendly outlook.
What you’ll get from us:
  • Exposure to the best technologies and cool projects.
  • Quarterly performance reviews, biannual reviews and performance-based salary increases, as well as an annual performance-based bonus to assist you in achieving your career goals.
  • Exposure to Entelect’s in-house continuous development programmes, offering training on everything from leadership to deep technical skills, to empower you to become more.
  • Exposure to the full SDLC process, including analysis, design and implementation.
  • Participation in our “1Up” rewards programme, where you’ll receive rewards for doing cool things, like attending training events, social functions or just for doing a good job.
  • Competitive package, including a variety of commission incentives and bonus structures.

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