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Technical LEAD


The Technical Lead role is one of the leadership roles at Entelect; you are expected to lead and drive technical direction, quality and delivery - not only within your project, but also across the entire company. You are not responsible for the career management of the people on your team, nor are you solely responsible for customer management. Your core responsibilities are within the technical arena.

As a Technical Lead, you have seen several systems fail, succeed and evolve, and are a guru in some of these technologies. You have enough experience that you can architect and structure a project which would conform to the enterprise environment, whilst mentoring and guiding others.

That means you have proven that you can deal with scoping, expectation management, architecture, design and some customer management. Your experience allows you to quickly pick up new frameworks and technologies, and to evaluate them effectively.



Technical Leads should have a deep understanding of why certain frameworks are beneficial, while also understanding the pitfalls of these tech choices. To make these informed decisions, the Technical Lead needs a depth of experience from working in a variety of system types and technologies within different domains and enterprise environments.

“Here, you have the freedom to become more. The open management structure says a lot about the company and the staff come first. Happy staff equals happy client.”


Whilst Technical Leads may not be responsible for career development, they are responsible for leading and driving technical decision-making within their teams, and to do so, they need to have built up a high level of respect from the team members. A Technical Lead is a master at gaining buy-in and influencing others. In the same light, Technical Leads need to be trusted and respected by their customers too. You must be proactive in building relationships with the senior members of the customer.


It is imperative that the skills of all our employees are above expectations and this is one of the focuses as a Technical Lead at Entelect. This can be achieved by structuring training programmes, driving technical discussions/best practices, as well as improving the technical landscape both on the project, at the customer, as well as within the greater Entelect community.

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