As an Entelect Data Solutions Engineer, you’re always inquisitive.

You have a passion for data and how it flows from source all the way through to actionable insights. You use your excellent communication skills and data analysis smarts to translate between business’s awesome ideas and making them a reality.

Data solutions engineering positions:

data solutions engineer:

This is the entry level role and is reserved for individuals who may have recently graduated or are joining with a year's experience. With time, a Data Solutions Engineer will learn how to work with good coding principles on a project, as well as how to work with stakeholders, business analysts, clients and product owners. They will also learn how systems are tested and come together.


Intermediate data solutions engineer:

You strive to continuously grow your technical skill-set as well as knowledge on what methodologies to appropriately apply to any environment.If you are at this point in your career, it means that you have experience, you are working fairly independently and are probably becoming everyone's ‘go-to guy’. As an Intermediate you are expected to be skilled enough that you can assist other Data Solutions Engineers. You have a good sense of things like coding principles, stakeholder engagement and you are a damn good trouble-shooter because you understand how systems fit together, and when and who to ask for help. At this point in your career, you should also be able to architect basic components of a system.


Senior data solutions engineer:

You have a thorough understanding of best practice business intelligence implementations. You work with multiple business units and understand how they impact each other. With this knowledge you have the ability to provide a platform for business to pull the relevant levers to enable and affirm their strategic insights.

“I work with the best minds in the industry to solve complex business problems for our clients. I consolidate, analyse and provide actionable insights to the client to ensure they gain maximum visibility on their business and can execute on strategic ideas backed by data.”

As a Senior, you'd also be expected to portray the maturity and softer skill set that Entelect Seniors are known for. Things like being able to hold others accountable, influencing change, galvanising a team and managing expectations of customers and team members are important skills for a Senior.

Many people choose to remain as a Senior Data Solutions Engineer, or Master Craftsman as we sometimes call it, where they can code without getting involved in any of the management stuff. This a career decision that Entelect values and respects, so don't feel pressured into moving into a management role if it’s not for you.