Career Growth and Mentorship

We believe that if you are not growing, then we’re both doing something wrong.

We strive to provide our people with the very best career development opportunities, which broaden both technical skills and soft skills required in the workplace. This accelerated growth is something that we are known for in the industry.

Career growth at Entelect is about learning new skills, acquiring more tools for your toolbox, building your confidence, and handling greater responsibilities. Senior management are involved in your reviews and play a direct role in coaching and mentoring you so that you can benefit from their experience. However, we encourage an open culture where everyone takes the opportunity to grow everyone else - we firmly believe even the most junior person can teach the most senior person things, and vice versa!



We want to understand what the technical skills and passions of our people are, and how they want to develop their craft. We encourage a willingness to continually learn, improve and grow.


This is as important a part of growth as technical and craft skills. Finding opportunities for people to leverage strengths and stretch themselves (in areas such as growing confidence, organisational skills, influencing change, galvanising teams and mentoring others) is a part of career growth.


We aim to understand what areas of improvement there are, and how to utilise areas of real strength. Finding opportunities for learning and practising new technical skills is key in this area.


A health-check on the basics is included: admin, timekeeping, work ethic etc.

My greatest goal is to make people’s lives better, and that is why I love my job. My job as a ux engineer is to juggle the needs for the business and users to achieve their goals, and the technical feasibly for the developers. This ultimately creates a solution that improves the lives of the people I work for and with.

I work with the best minds in the industry to solve complex business problems for our customers. I consolidate, analyse and provide actionable insights to the customer to ensure they gain maximum visibility on their business and can execute on strategic ideas backed by data.

I love working here because I am exposed to cutting-edge technology and a wide variety of projects. My career plan is constantly moving forward.